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HEMDA. Let’s get acquainted.                                    


About HEMDA and programs offered


HEMDA has been operating in Tel Aviv-Yafo since 1991. Initiated by the Rothschild Foundation (Keren Yad Hanadiv) in collaboration with the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality . Our guidelines were set by an international committee of scientists and educators from Israel and abroad, chaired by Prof. Haim Harari, former head of the Weizmann Institute. Today the chair of our non-profit association’s board is the present president of the Weizmann Institute Prof. Daniel Zajfman. HEMDA was founded with the objective of creating a new model of a regional center for science education. HEMDA is responsible for science education for the upper secondary school level in Tel Aviv-Yafo, including preparation for the matriculation exams – the Bagrut.


The idea of HEMDA is to integrate a quality teaching team with state-of-the-art scientific-educational equipment in a unique building. All of these qualities in one location provide HEMDA students with the opportunity to study science at the highest levels, putting an end to the artificial isolation of theory from lab experiments. The building’s unique design melds education with innovative architecture and has won international acclaim.


The HEMDA building ensures that all studies take place under lab conditions, with every single classroom a multipurpose space enabling students to conduct experiments and use computers and enabling teachers the use of varied teaching and learning activities.


Instruction at HEMDA focuses on innovative and qualitative teaching strategies in chemistry and physics for the senior high school students who have chosen an intensified science program and for junior high school students excelling in physics.


HEMDA activities include preparation for the physics and chemistry matriculation exams, supplementary  individual tutoring (at no extra cost), online assistance by teachers, elective courses, workshops, science study trips and lectures in scientific issues outside of the usual curriculum. We emphasize encouraging girls to study science and invite all students to compete in various competitions on the national  and international  levels.


HEMDA’s objectives are the use of innovative and original teaching methods for our matriculation curriculum enriched by many additional activities to get the material across in enjoyable ways. The regular classes are supplemented by optional activities (at no extra cost), including tutoring, workshops and courses for students who want to go further…


Chemistry and physics are the corner stones of all fields of science and technology – and the key to our world. The study of chemistry and physics means gaining a broad-based education, good study habits and flexible, innovative and creative thinking that make an invaluable contribution to the student throughout life. And beyond: matriculation in physics and chemistry are the entry ticket to science institutions and universities, engineering schools and the most sought-after programs in higher education. Doors open for a fascinating professional future in research into the structure of the universe, technological innovations, from medicine to quality of the environment through media and telecommunications, as well as the challenge of management in hi-tech enterprises.


HEMDA’s library subscribes to over 60 international scientific journals and publications, serving as a teacher development center for science teaching. Our staff conducts in-service workshops for teachers throughout the Tel Aviv and central region.


 The Junior Scientist Project (“Hetz”) exposes junior high school students from the area to the sciences. Super-high achievers can join the Computational Science Program (“MoaH”) a new world field, widely hailed by scientists in Israel and abroad.


HEMDA is gearing up for activities as part of the 2005 International World Year of Physics, with special competitions (Clockworks, Photography contest depicting physics phenomena and the “walk on water” contest). Activities include  HEMDA special events and interesting lectures, such as “Science in the Movies” as part of the centennial of Jules Verne’s death.



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