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Welcome to HEMDA!

HEMDA is the science campus for Tel Aviv-Yafos secondary schools: 17 schools send students to HEMDA, including Ajial, Alliance, the Open Democratic School, the Practical Engineering School, Gymnasia Herzliya, the Bar Ilan yeshiva, Lady Davis Amal, Tichon Hadash, Municipal High Schools I, II-III (Zeitlin), IV, V, VI, VII, IX, XII and XIV.

HEMDA boasts a superior teaching staff (most of our teachers have a Ph.D. in chemistry or physics) and an extremely advanced work environment. Our lab equipment allows each student to conduct individual experiments. There is ample demo equipment and unlimited use ofcomputers. Team work facilitates individualized initiatives contributing to students, science teachers, the Tel Aviv area and students who do not regularly attend HEMDA.

HEMDAs extra added value is expressed in making the science curriculumdeeper and broader: theories are accompanied by student experiments, computerized audio-visual presentations, references from our library and the internet. We emphasize scientific tools and ways of thinking like a scientist. HEMDA offers elective courses, special workshops, and study trips. HEMDA offers supplementary tutoring at no extra cost.

Some of our special projects are especially outstanding, including Project HETZ The Junior Scientist Program, which exposes physics high-achievers to advanced physics beginning in the junior high school. Project MoaH The Computational Science Program is a special 5-unit program linking physics to the computer as a scientific tool. This program is for the cream of the crop of Tel Aviv-Yafos science-oriented high school youth.

Our brochure provides information on HEMDAs curriculum and evaluation methods.

Happy New Academic Year to all of our students and their families.

Dr. Tehilla Ben Gai


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